Top 10 Italian Nightlife Destinations 2023

Top 10 Italian Nightlife Destinations 2023

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Italian nightlife is famous worldwide and has nothing to envy to other well-known destinations like Ibiza or Mykonos. Where should you go to find the most exclusive venues and carefree nightlife? If your goal is to have a great time in the liveliest neighborhoods and trendiest clubs, here’s a guide that lists the top 10 Italian destinations for nightlife.

Romagna cannot be missed, a welcoming land always rich in attractions for all tastes, as well as Jesolo, the nerve center of Venetian nightlife. Discover with us where you can let loose!

10 – Calabria – Costa degli Dei

Type of nightlife: Beach parties
Top 3 nightlife districts: Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Scilla
Top 3 must-visit venues: Zeus, Punta Cana, Macrì

This region of Calabria, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a very trendy destination, especially among young people. This stretch of the Calabrian coast offers affordable accommodations, including campsites that, during the low season, can offer rates starting at just 5 Euros! In addition to the fantastic sea views, pristine or rocky beaches, and crystal-clear waters, there is an abundance of entertainment. The beaches of Tropea, Capo Vaticano, and Scilla are full of venues, such as the popular Zeus, the Punta Cana nightclub, and for those looking for something quieter and more relaxing yet lively at the same time, the cocktail bars Macrì, Madison, and Coiba.

9 – Ischia

Type of nightlife: Open-air parties, live music, street parties
Top 3 nightlife districts: Riva Destra area, Ischia Porto, Ischia comune
Top 3 must-visit venues: Calise Bar (aperitivo), Dioniso pub, Jane nightclub

The island of Ischia in Campania has gained a reputation as one of the capitals of nightlife, not only locally but nationally as well. It is a beautiful island, visited by thousands of young people who flock to the Riva Destra area and the center of Ischia Porto every evening. The feeling is that of a grand and endless open-air party. Live music shows are often organized, but in general, there are always opportunities to let loose and have fun. There are also numerous nightclubs and venues to suit all tastes. The traditional aperitivo, to be enjoyed at a historic venue in Ischia, is Bar Calise. Alternatively, you can choose Dioniso pub or the Friends Club, as well as Valentino, Exstasy, or the famous Jane nightclub.

8 – Sardinia – Coral Riviera

Type of nightlife: Dinner and after-dinner venues, discos, clubs
Top 3 nightlife districts: Alghero center, Alghero Coral Riviera, San Teodoro
Top 3 must-visit venues: La Siesta and Il Ruscello nightclubs, Ambra Night

This beautiful Italian region, known for its millennia-old traditions and paradise-like beaches, is not just about exclusive resorts and the Costa Smeralda. If you want to find the best low-cost nightlife, you should focus on towns like Alghero and San Teodoro, which are definitely within reach of young tourists. In Alghero, you will find the stunning Coral Riviera with its famous beaches: Mugoni, Lazzaretto, Le Bombarde, and Cala dell’Argentiera. Here, there are many venues that offer the opportunity to enjoy a drink and savor delicious mixed fried dishes. The most active nightclubs in the area are La Siesta and Il Ruscello. In San Teodoro, the most renowned nightclubs are Ambra Night and La Luna Glam Club.

7 – Jesolo

Type of nightlife: Nightclubs, beach parties, street parties
Top 3 nightlife districts: Lungomare delle Stelle, Faro Beach, Lido di Jesolo
Top 3 must-visit venues: Muretto, Café del Mar, Vanilla Club

Jesolo is a resort town that is almost besieged by young people from all over the Veneto region and beyond during the summer. The city is full of trendy nightclubs and venues. The famous Muretto is now a historic venue, and Café del Mar is gaining popularity, also because it offers free entry. The entertainment options in this seaside destination are not limited to the nighttime hours; it is also home to one of Italy’s largest water parks, the highly frequented Aqualandia.

6 – Romagna Riviera

Type of nightlife: Nightclubs, beach parties
Top 3 nightlife districts: Riccione promenade, Piazza Cavour in Rimini, Viale Matteotti in Milano Marittima
Top 3 must-visit venues: Peter Pan, Cocoricò, Pineta

How can we talk about fun without mentioning the Romagna Riviera? Always considered the true homeland of Italian nightlife, both in summer and winter, Romagna is home to places like Rimini, Riccione, and Milano Marittima, important seaside destinations with famous nightclubs and venues not only in Italy but also in Europe. In Romagna, you will find Peter Pan, Cocoricò, and Byblos Club, where international DJs, themed parties, and much more are organized. Hospitality on the Romagna Riviera is an institution, which is why it is easy to find accommodations at very competitive prices.

5 – Puglia – Salento

Type of nightlife: Beach parties
Top 3 nightlife districts: Baia Verde, Otranto, Lecce
Top 3 must-visit venues: Zen, Samsara Beach, Bahia Beach Club

We are about to talk about a destination, Salento, which has gained increasing trust from young travelers, not only for its fabulous beaches but also for the growing nightlife that has developed in recent years. Particularly noteworthy is the area of Baia Verde, where there are beach clubs that organize parties and DJ sets right on the beach. Some of these include Zen and the famous Samsara Beach, a true open-air nightclub where you can party until dawn. Among the renowned nightclubs, Riobò stands out, organizing fantastic events with entry fees starting at just 15 Euros. Another very active area is Otranto, where you will find Bahia Beach Club and Fuorirotta Beach.

4 – Venice

Type of nightlife: Nightclubs, clubs, street parties
Top 3 nightlife districts: Erbaria, Fondamenta Misericordia, Santa Margherita
Top 3 must-visit venues: Molocinque, Aurora Beach Club, Skyline Bar

At the top of this list, we find some of the most important Italian cities. The first one, ranking fourth, is Venice. The historic buildings in the city center are not only attractions for tourists but also hold pleasant surprises for young people in search of entertainment. We can mention Molocinque, for example, a venue located in an old theater that became a nightclub in 1999. The atmosphere is chic but not pretentious. Another noteworthy venue, especially during the summer, is Aurora Beach Club, a beachfront nightclub that takes advantage of the summer atmosphere to organize fantastic parties. At Skyline Bar, you can delight in their signature cocktails while enjoying the city’s panorama.

3 – Rome

Type of nightlife: Dinner and after-dinner venues, discos, underground clubs
Top 3 nightlife districts: Pigneto, San Lorenzo, Ostiense
Top 3 must-visit venues: La Maison, Gilda, Opengate Club

We couldn’t miss our capital city in this list, famous for its nightlife, which can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. If you’re looking for a very chic atmosphere like in France, you should visit La Maison, a venue where you can dance to the rhythm of the best hits, frequented by international models and young businessmen. The dress code is, of course, very strict. Gilda is another famous venue in Rome, known since the 1980s and currently frequented by footballers and celebrities from the sports and entertainment industries.

2 – Florence

Type of nightlife: Renowned venues, street parties, hot clubs
Top 3 nightlife districts: Oltrarno, Santo Spirito, Santa Croce
Top 3 must-visit venues: Dolce Vita, Moyo, Joyce pub

Florence also has the reputation of being a true center of entertainment! The Dolce Vita venue welcomes its customers in a small but vibrant environment filled with prominent personalities from the city’s social scene. The venue also houses an art gallery that hosts various exhibitions throughout the year. In summer, a cozy terrace allows you to enjoy your drink outdoors. In the area near Piazza Santa Croce, you can also find a venue like Moyo, a very suggestive place with an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

1 – Milan

Type of nightlife: Aperitivo venues, nightclubs, street parties, hot clubs
Top 3 nightlife districts: Corso Como, Corso Sempione, Colonne di San Lorenzo
Top 3 must-visit venues: Old Fashion, Alcatraz, Hollywood

The first place in this ranking could only be assigned to the city of nightlife par excellence, Milan. From the aperitivo hour onwards, the most frequented neighborhoods are bustling with young and not-so-young people who don’t want to miss an opportunity for fun, relaxation, and socializing. Corso Como and Corso Sempione, for example, are two very trendy areas for the aperitivo ritual. The areas around Colonne di San Lorenzo, including Via Torino and, of course, Piazza Duomo, are also key areas of Milan’s nightlife. To mention just a few of the many venues in Milan, we can mention Old Fashion, located in Parco Sempione, as well as Alcatraz, which is not only a nightclub but also a venue for concerts by international bands.

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