My name is Mattia, I’m a very fortunate man, and I’m grateful for it. I was born and raised in the most beautiful country in the world, I’m certain of that, I have no doubt about it.

In Italy, the typical vacations for families in the ’80s and ’90s, the years of my childhood, were beach holidays, often camping, enjoying the wonders of our beaches. I was born in Romagna, the region that embodies the spirit of what we call “villeggiatura,” a way of enjoying vacations with relaxation, good food, and slow life.

As I grew up, I started traveling in many more forms and to much more varied places. I remember my first experiences in Tuscany, Marche, and Abruzzo, regions that attract tourists from all over the world but were within reach for me every day. Each region is a country within the country, with its own history, language, and typical dishes. Even the people differ in appearance and manners.

Italy truly has a lot to offer, but I soon began to turn my gaze beyond our borders. At 15, I took my first trip abroad, and since then, I’ve been visiting new countries every year. France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Spain, England. Traveling became an addiction, as we all know.

At the age of 17, I met Alice, and we have been together since that day. With her, I dream, plan, and share trips for almost twenty years. We have visited over 30 countries on 6 continents, learning, day by day, how to organize and fully enjoy these places.

With her, I embarked on a journey within the journey, where we nurtured ourselves through the experiences we lived.

Our shared passion for mountains, hiking, and adventure has brought us closer on beautiful path. From the Alta Via in the Dolomites to the Swiss Alps, from the Norwegian fjords to the Central American Rockies, from the Japanese Alps to the New Zealand Great Walks, culminating on the Patagonian plateau.

Then Lia came along. With her, we learned to travel as a family, enjoying new ways of visiting the places that interested us, sometimes even more pleasant and different ways.

It was a fresh opportunity to delve deeper into some regions of our fantastic country, discovering lesser-known facets and more authentic destinations. We visited Puglia, Sicily, and Campania multiple times, but also explored Piedmont, Trentino Alto Adige, and Valle d’Aosta.

And there is still so much more to see!

Every Italian who has traveled can confirm that for us every trip we take is twice as beautiful: for what we see while we are away and for what we rediscover when we return.

A few years ago, a man outside a bar in Syracuse – Sicily – told me: ‘When you come to the South, you cry twice, once when you arrive and once when you leave.“. Italy has many flaws, but it touches the heart and soul of travelers so deeply that everything is forgiven, like a passionate lover.